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Golden Girl Logo.png
Golden Girl Logo.png

Founded in July of 1968, at Alcorn State University the Golden Girls, affectionately known as The GGs, were the first dance line to perform as a featured squad with choreographed movements to a marching band’s live tunes.

The eight original Golden Girls were Gloria Gray Liggans, Mar Deen Bingham Boykin, Delores Black Jenkins, Patricia Gibbs, Barbara Heidelberg Fox, Paulette McClain Moore, Josephine Washington Parker, and Margaret Bacchus Wilson. In the Fall of 1968, the Golden Girls made their national debut in Miami, Florida during the Orange Blossom Classic. During this time, no one had ever seen a female dance team perform during half time. A silence fell upon the crowd as these eight regal, African American ladies took the field.  The capes were snatched off in a quick one, two motion, revealing Alcorn’s most prized possessions.

The Alcorn State Golden Girls continue to mesmerize sold-out crowds during halftime shows at University games. In step with the tunes of the University Marching Band, these ladies have yet to disappoint.

While the current girls carry on in stride, the alumnae, "The Legacy," carry on the vision. You will find news, events and of course, halftime show dates so you can support the new girls as they keep on dancing.

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